Decorative Molding Collection

Mon Ere Crown

M43-220 8 1/2" Crown with two runs of acanthus leaf and running leaf and bead.

Crown molding has a beveled back used to project out from the top of the wall and meet the ceiling.

Mon Ere Casing and Backband

M10-84 casing with running leaf and bead and beads.

Casing molding is used around door ways and windows. Backband is used to beef up the casing.

Mon Ere Baseboard

M3-35 baseboard with swirling leaf.

Baseboard molding is used to hide the gap from your wall to your floor.

Mon Ere Panel Mold

Panel molds are used to add profile to square edges or add to flat surfaces.

Mon Ere Chair Rail

Chair rail molding is typically used as a wall divide to break up large wall space.

Mon Ere Cabinet Corner

Cabinet corners have a beveled back used to be inserted into the corner of cabinets.