Original Molding Series


Backband molding fits on the back of casings to produce a beefier effect.


Baseboards fit against the wall and the floor to protect your walls and hide the seam.


Casing moldings are used around windows and doors to hide the seams of jambs and protect wall corners.

Chair Rail

 Chair rail molding is typically used as a wall divide to break up large wall space. 

Bar Brackets

Bar Brackets are used under counter tops to provide stability and decoration.

Corner Mold

Corner mold is used on the outside corners of two walls to add detail and protection.

Crown and Cornice

Crown molding has a beveled back used to project out from the top of the wall and meet the ceiling. 

Crown Corner

Crown corners are used to bring two pieces of crown together without the need to miter or cope them.

Door Stop

Door stop molding is used on a door jamb to hide the seam of the door and provide a stop when closed.

Lip Mold

Lip mold typically uses a quarter to three quarter inch offset to provide a transition.

Mantle Mold

Mantle mold is a large molding typically used on a fireplace mantle however can be used a casing as well.

Panel Mold

 Panel molds are used to add profile to square edges or add to flat surfaces. al.

Picture Mold

Picture mold is typically used just below the crown molding in order to frame a border at the top of a wall.

Rounds and Half Rounds

Round molds are used as poles or hand rail and half rounds are applied to flat surfaces to add detail.

Plinth block, T-Astrigals, Dental Mold

Specialty items to make installations of moldings and mill work easier while adding detail.

Tongue and Groove

Tongue and groove molding has a tongue on one side and a groove on the other to interconnect with one another to provide a seamless connection typically used on walls, ceilings and floors.